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As much as I love reading I sometimes procrastinate about reading, and then when I sit down and read I think: god damn why did I not choose to read this sooner?
and then I think: oh right, it’s because I’m an idiot.

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lionheartnking replied to your post: “wait what? Booth is in prison? my amnesia made me forget Bones season…”:
god i need to catch up with that show one day

I remember finally figuring out the ghost killer case, but I don’t remember Booth killing any henchmen or getting arrested. but he does look hot all scruffy in the new preview though :P

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wait what? Booth is in prison? my amnesia made me forget Bones season finale? what happened? whats going on? I don’t understand. 

Damnit. This means a rewatch which I don’t have time for. 

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HA! Then you’re all good to go! Although: I…

it’ll be alright . it’ll be alright. 

*positive thoughts*

I’ll get a job and then I can get my own place with an attached workshop/studio where the fire alarm won’t go off when I use the flame torch for lampworking. 

*dream big*

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Well, the Waterloo one is amazing - I love that…

for 2 years of my undergrad life I had to share 3 bathrooms, 3 toilets and 3 sinks with 48 people. believe me, I find these GLORIOUS! THANK YOU again! 

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Yes, you are.

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itsacumberbatchproblem replied to your post: “itsacumberbatchproblem replied to your post: “okay personal stuff. …”:
aaaaaah! AWESOME! :D And I know of a hostel in London Sarah (londongypsy) always stays at when she’s there. I can’t remember the name now but it’s quite central. And Chloe (thegameissomething) sure can help you out finding a place in Cardiff. :)

oh???!!! I don’t follow either of them. but I think I’ll rectify that immediately..


*waves shyly*


and lost

and confused


hi ?



Ladies! Here’s someone who needs your help! :D

I already love you for using a Leverage gif! People of my taste! HA! 
So, what is it? Hostel, you say? Yes, there’s two actually (the second one’s going to be a first time for me but in about two weeks I can tell ya more but I’ve only heard good things so…) 
Hostel in Waterloo 
Hostel at Battersea 

Now I’m feeling a bit like a matchmaker. ^_^ 


Matchmaker Yvonne :)

and OMG the hostels look GREAT. (I didn’t even realize hostels could be that good. but thats what I get for thinking by YMCA standards.. ) although the availability seems to be very less (atleast on the days that I checked) but omg THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! Please do let me know about the other place after you’ve stayed there? 

(PS: I LOVE Parker!!!!! who am I kidding, I love all of them. Another season finale that made me break down and cry)

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afterpartyattheshire replied to your post: “afterpartyattheshire replied to your post: “okay personal stuff. …”:
Don’t leave it until you’re practically homeless or something and my parents would probably say no to you trying to pay lodgings. :) lol I really hope you can get a job over here.


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afterpartyattheshire replied to your post: “okay personal stuff.  under read more because my life is a big ball…”:
I will speak to my parents but I’m sure if you needed to you could stay here too. We did it for my friend abby for months and my mum has said before you could come here.

oh honey! you are absolutely amazing. I think I can manage as much as I can, but can I contact you if I have no choice left? I’ll pay for the lodging in some sort of way? 

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bbc merlin + colours [x]
autumn greenery

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